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Extra Income Opportunities with Naturae

How To Earn Extra Income with Naturae

Naturae feels your heartbeats. We share the same pain caused by this pandemic. Jobs are lost. Bills are piling up. Earning a little extra money somewhere is a huge help. Therefore, Naturae is launching this platform to open a window of opportunities to entrepreneur-minded people and to all those who are looking for another source of income. Even if you are not into business but want to earn a living, you have the potential to earn an extra income by signing up as a vendor and filling your online store with Naturae products. There is no money involved in this business opportunity. There are no signup fees collected. Your only investment is your time, effort, internet connection, cellphone, email address, and social media account where you can promote your products. When someone buys at your store, you will get a 10% Commission in dollar currency no matter which country are you in.

How it works

After you signup, you can log in to your account and click “My Account” on the upper right corner of the website. Your dashboard will open. See the below photo.

The red button in the center that says “Go to Vendor Dashboard” is the link to your Vendor control panel. Vendor means Seller. Naturae gives you an opportunity to become a reseller that earns 10% commission per sold product. This is totally voluntary. It’s up to you if you want to resell the Naturae products for added income or not. This is a win-win situation. All you need to do is to click the red button to take you to the vendor dashboard. See sample below.

Vendor Dashboard

and dress up your store. Search for Naturae products you want to resell on your vendor store. Save the pictures and copy the descriptions. Add a new product on your vendor dashboard, upload the pictures you saved then paste the descriptions. When everything is ready, share the product page on your social media accounts, email the link to your friends and family or send through a text message.

If you are a vlogger, then you can vlog the products and send your followers to your store. If you make a sale, it will show in your vendor dashboard. Your commission will also be displayed. The withdrawal threshold is $10 which means, you can withdraw your money when your wallet reaches a $10 balance.

This is a great opportunity to make extra income. You don’t need to worry about preparing the products and shipping them. Naturae will do it for you. All you need to do is to share your store and that’s it. You can be sleeping while earning an extra income. Your buyer doesn’t have to be signed up for you to receive a commission if they bought from your store.

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